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  • How long do the treats last?
    Because our treats are not made with any preservatives, we recommend the treats be eaten within a few months. They are dehydrated to last longer, and each bag contains a baked on date to ensure freshness.
  • Are there any hops in your treats?
    There are NO hops in our treats. We get the spent grain, which is mostly barley and wheat, from Mother Road Brewing Co. right after the initial mashing process. Hops is added later in the brewing process.
  • Is a grain-free diet better for dogs?
    “Recently, the U.S. Food andDrug Administration (FDA) announced that it is investigating a link between grain-free dog foods – which have ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas and lentils – and canine heart disease”
  • Will my dog get drunk?
    No, these treats do not contain any alcohol.
  • Do you provide any discounts for bulk orders?
    Yes, buy 25 or more bags, receive 10% off your order. Buy 50 or more bags, receive 15% off your order.
  • Do you offer wholesale prices?
    Yes, please send us an email at to inquire about wholesale options.
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